Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well there are some random pics from our month...Christmas play practice, snow, and a couple Christmases. We had a pretty busy month last month, as many others did also I'm sure. The kids got entirely too much, but I guess that's how it goes! We are in toy overload! Yet, less than a month later they still think they need something when we go shopping! haha Lovely! Things have definitely slowed down, kind of at a bad time too. I'm definitely on baby countdown and my running everywhere distraction is now gone!! haha The end is really the worst, I'm ready for him to get here! Just around 5 weeks (hopefully less) to go! I've been working on getting baby stuff ready, which adds to the already overstuffed house! We are definitely out growing this place! We recently made Jason a small office out of our closet! Sad...we do have a very large closet, but I could use the storage space! Oh well, I was ready to have my dining room in good working order, so I guess compromises! haha