Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

My daughter telling stories already....

Warning: Pretty gross content ahead!

Ok, so Analeigh has started telling us stories...not good. The other day we were at Jason's mom's house, I was sitting at the table eating and my daughter comes to me wanting me to clean off her hand. When I look at it there was poop on her gross! So I take her to the bath room to clean her up and I asked her why did you poop in your panties?? She says " I didn't, Jaxon did." Sure enough she hadn't and he had on a dirty diaper, so she had somehow got his poop on her hand. When we questioned her about this she would admit nothing! I even asked her how she got poop on her hand and she said she didn't, I was like I saw it on your hand, and she denied it! haha

The other night she got into the toothpaste, Xander hollared at us so Jason went in there, saw it in her mouth now...when questioned she would not admit it. She kept saying she didn't, she didn't do nothing! Jason would tell her to tell him the truth and she would say truth! haha That was pretty funny!

One more...yesterday, she brought me a doll and it's clothes, wanting me to dress the doll. So I asked her why she took it's clothes off, to which she replied " I didn't, she did" I asked if it was the doll...she agreed it was...What am I going to do with her?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick Baby

Well Easton has already got sick...:( Tuesday he was pretty whiny, but I didn't notice him being real congested. That evening I could tell he was, he kept acting like he was choking on the stuff. After he went to sleep I tried putting him in his bed and that didn't last so I decided I would sit up in the recliner that night. He slept in his bouncy a little but I held him a lot through the night. I only ended up with I believe less than 3 hours of sleep. I ended up calling mom at 6 something Wednesday morning and she thought I should take him to the dr., so I got around, found a baby sitter and Easton and I headed down. The dr thought he was wheezing some and really thought he would probably end up in the hospital since he was so bad and two or three days into it it usually gets worse. He sent me on with a prescription for abuterol to go in Analeigh's breathing machine. Although he didn't act like he thought it would really make him better. Well Jason stayed home from church last night so he could watch the kids so I could get a nap(I needed some rest if I was going to be up all night). While I was laying down Easton got pretty upset. He was hungry so I fed him then he needed his clothes changed so I changed his diaper and clothes and suctioned out his nose which did not make him happy at all. After that he was upset for a little bit and breathing was not good, I thought we were definitely going to end up having to take him to the hospital; but I'm sure Jason went off and prayed and he got calmed down and went to sleep and sounded so much better! Praise the Lord! We actually had a pretty good night, he slept a lot in his seat, so I actually got some sleep. He's been having a good day today, also! So again praise the Lord!

Off subject, we had a guy come out to try and sell us a Rainbow vacuum cleaner Monday night...let me just tell you Jason is very anti-germ so this freaked him out a bit! He would have bought one that night if I would have been like "ok let's do it". Haha I did not do that however...2200 dollars is not that easy to part with, for some things! But, anyway the guy got a hold of our mattress with the thing and showed us what he got off of it. So Jason went to bed and at some point he was a bit freaked out about all the dust mites all over him! haha He's so sad!