Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well this was decoration weekend out here so I got to go to the graveyard Saturday and hang for a while...supposed to be taking up money for the graveyard association; not that I did much, but I was there. We went to Church that night, it was good. Then Sunday I got up and got me and the kids ready, all was going pretty good till we get  to the graveyard and Xander got sunblock in his eye and has a melt down! He cried the majority of the time we were there! I finally just left and came home and worked around here and he went back to sleep. Then we went to Jason's Aunt Peggy's for lunch and came home and took a nap. Then back to church Sunday night, which was good again. Hopefully a good sign of things to come! haha We need some good meetings, it's been off for a little while.Of course we've had it rough for a while, between building a new kitchen and all the deaths! There have been more deaths in the past year or so than in all the time I've been out here before that! But maybe it'll look up for a while and we'll have a great revival! Anyway, yesterday was a LONG day...I got up and got me and the kids ready and I took them to Jason's grandma's. Went through her coupons and then headed to Huntsville. I stopped in Gurley on the way, then went to the cleaners to get Jason's suit and then went to pick Jason up for lunch. We went to Beauregards with Jason Adams. After Jason got out at work I went to the gas station, CVS, the post office, chick fil a(potty break!), Old Navy and Target. After I got out of Target it was 3 minutes till 3:00 and I had an eye dr. appointment at 3:00! So I drove over there(from Jones Valley to Hampton Cove) and was only about 5 after so not to bad! Then I got my eyes checked and got some contacts, then did my shopping. After I left there I went over by the hospital and waited for Jason and then we went to see his sister, who is back in the hospital. Then we went and ate supper and then I got to go get my groceries! Which at this point it was maybe around 8 or so. So I went to Kroger and then to Publix...ugh! After all this it was past time to be home, I didn't make it home till after 10! Crazy!! But on a positive note I done wonderful at Publix! I spent 74 and some change and saved 100 and some change! So VERY excited about that! haha I'm to a point in some things I need to stop buying but it is hard not to when you can get such good deals! Jason probably has 9 (atleast) bottles of body wash! haha It is on sale a LOT! I have 3 boxes and 1 soft pack of diapers in the closet! It's crazy! Oh well, I love it!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rotten Kids

So I'll share a couple kid stories...start out with Analeigh, she is such a mess. Definitely a bigger talker than Xander was at that age, so the night before last I fixed a cup of water for her to get a drink before bed since I had already brushed her teeth. Well at first she wouldn't drink it but then I gave Xander some and she decided to get a drink. Well yesterday I poured it out and gave Xander some milk in the same cup and later Analeigh was wanting a drink so I told her to get a drink of it, and I called it milk. So she is saying not milk...water! haha She refused to get a drink and argued with me that it was water...she's a mess! Another, also of Analeigh, Xander asks me what's Analeigh got on her fingers? Chocolate? haha You can guess, it's not chocolate! The little rugrat had dug in her diaper and had it on her fingers, arm, shirt and I even found it on her bed later!! Sooo gross!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Crazy Morning!

Well my morning began around 5:00 this morning when a little girl came to my room and got in bed with us; after she had been in there a bit she threw up a little, which I was thinking was just from being congested. Either way I made her a palate and lay her  down there; apparently it wasn't just congestion because off and on from then till probably 8-8:30 she was throwing up! Around that time I decided to give her a bath and she was doing pretty good in there, but I kept asking her if she was ready to get out and she was just looking at me in this I'm not answering you on purpose look. haha After a little while she started whining so I went in there and she had pooped in the tub! Probably what the little booger was working on while she was giving me her "look". haha So I had to clean that up and during the midst of this she pukes again! Finally I got her washed off and out of the tub and thank the Lord she hasn't threw up any more! Hopefully that's over with! I hope none of the rest of us end up with it either! Viruses are horrid! So any of you out there reading this, send us up a prayer I sure will be thankful if that's the end of it, period!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Well today has been a VERY busy day! Both my kids decided to get up right at 7:30 this morning and did not go back to sleep. Neither did I :(...I officially got out of bed at around 8:30 we ate, got ready, and left for Huntsville. We went to eat with Jason for lunch at Shaggy's Burgers and Tacos, which was pretty good, I definitely would like to go back. Then took him back to work and went to Publix to get groceries. After we got groceries we came home I took my groceries in put up the cold stuff then went over to the church to water the flowers, took the kids to Jason's grtandma's, went to JCPenny and exchanged some pants for Jason, went to Home Depot and got flowers and mulch, ran in Family Dollar, came home and changed, went back to the church to put out mulch went to Jason's grandma's(ate supper there), went home worked in my flower bed, came in gave the kids a bath and took a shower myself, then finished putting up groceries/cleaned out my pantry...whew! It's been crazy....but I've had a productive day! haha If only my house was straightened up, but that can wait till tomorrow!

Well I have definitely grew up and turned into a wife! haha I was talking to Jason about my new way of shopping and it's sad how excited I am about all of this I was telling him I'm so excited I love for the new sale ads to come out so I can see what is on sale! Is that totally pitiful?? haha  It is great though, if I would just stop spending on other things, at least somewhat, I would be doing good! That is definitely easier said than done though! It's too too easy to spend money! haha 

 Well guess I'll be going for now! Good-Night All!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Different things

So last night was really good if I must say so my self. It had been a while since I had felt that good at church! Glad we got to go to Trenton, not real often we are out there on a Sunday night and getting a blessing was a great Mother's Day gift!

Jason left out today for Baltimore...poo...but oh well I'm glad he made it safe, hopefully he'll have a good trip and he'll be back before long! Maybe I'll be going with him sometime soon...he's wanting to go to Albuquerque within a month or so, so maybe we can go there.

Anywho, I'm here at mom's...I had a great shopping day today at CVS I bought a 12 pack of toilette paper, Huggies, a razor, two things of deodorant, Children's Claritin, etc...and I only spent between 7 and 8 dollars out of pocket! The rest I used my ECB!! It was great! But wouldn't you know after I have my great savings spree I get to mom's and realize I have left my childrens clothes at home! So I spent around 50 on them! Of course not all for this week, but ya know!! haha Oh well that's life I suppose! While at the Dollar General (where the kids p.j.s came from)we were standing in line (before I finish Jason's nephew Jaxon(who is 2 by the way) loves Big Momma's House 2, so Xander has been watching it with him) this bigger lady checked out in front of us and when she was heading to her car my son tells me "there's Big Momma!" hahaha It was quiet funny, but not something I really want him repeating...if you know what I mean! He is definitely at that inappropriate age where he points out things better not pointed out. I guess that's just part of it!  

Well I guess I've wasted enough time on here...poost more later! Don't get beside yourselves with anticipation now! ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Well happy Mother's Day all! So far I've been up since 6:40 this morning...poo on that! Haha We were supposed to leave at 8:00....ha! Well we were in the car by 8:23 get down the rode a good piece and I remember the gifts! So we get to turn around and go home. Woo hoo! Finally we got on our way and were only like 30 minutes late..but that's ok we still got to eat! Cracker Barrel with Jason's mom btw...that was decent.I got pancakes and wasn't real impressed ,but I still ate most of 2 so apparently that weren't to bad!haha So now we're here at Jason's mom's and I'm being real entertaining as you can tell! haha On a exciting note we are talking about building on!! Very excited about that idea! Talking about us a new bed room and bathroom, a garage, and deck/sunroom! Among other improvements in the house...hopefully that'll work out! I would love some more room... Another good note....we get to go to Trenton tonight! Hopefully we'll have a good one! Which me and the kids will be back Tuesday...Jason is going to Baltimore(home of Ace of Cakes)I would like to be going with him.. I would rather him be home but atleast I can spend time with the family.Maybe we'll both have a good week anyway! Well I guess that'll do for now! tootles!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A shopping trip with 2 rugrats....

Well I got my first paper yesterday and my first coupons from the paper(mine and Jason's grandmas) So I was quite excited about my shopping trip today to the lovely CVS...haha Well I'll say it wasn't as magical a trip as I would have liked! Let's start with the ridiculously small buggies they have; with both my kids and a diaper bag there is VERY little room left for actual products.
So I have my green bag and I'm loading it up till I get into the things that I am not carrying around in a bag on my shoulder(aka laundry detergent) so I go get my second of what will end up being three buggies! Then I decide to let Xander walk...ha! This goes OK for a while, but definitely not ideal. I let him push one buggy which is not the most effective(at one point he decides to head for the toys). After a bit with that it gets so bad he's just turning when he feels like it and I've had enough, so back in the buggy he goes. The whining had already started at this point, but this does not help. Then I'm threatening him and trying to finish shopping and then, me and my money saving self, goes through the line once then gets back in line so I can use my ECBs. Then get back in line a third time...still threatening my son who at this point has a whipping coming so I also have him in the buggy saying I don't want a whipping! For whoever may want to hear! haha By the time I left I was so frustrated! If I have my way about it I'll save my crazy coupon shopping for kid free days! haha Atleast, I saved some money, right?!? That was probably the worst part of the day...from there I ran in Wal-Mart, then on to Zaxby's for lunch with Jess. Then to S&R to do some sewing...which I am thus far very pleased with! I almost finished Analeigh a dress and pant outfit! Soo cute! Turquoise with brown polka dot dress and brown with turquoise polka dot pants...I want to get her name embroidered on it...hopefully it'll turn out great! Anywho, guess that'll do for now...so ttfn!