Friday, October 21, 2011

Well It's been A While...

Yeah, so It's been a while...I'm not really much of a blogger truthfully; more of a reader. haha But anyway, I'm up and it's just after 6 so why not? 
This year has been sooo crazy! It has just flew by! I have been really out of it this year...birthdays and such just keep sneaking up on  me unprepared. I still have not bought 2 presents for birthdays from AUGUST! They may just get better Christmas gifts! haha Which is another crazy thing....Christmas is almost here and I am definitely not prepared. I have VERY little bought, hopefully I'll make some progress day after Thanksgiving. I am quite excited about that! 
So enough about that...let me just give some highlights from the year:
Tornadoes...definitely not a good day and has made me even more scared of storms which I did not need any help in that department. I am already dreading next tornado season...
At the end of May, Jason went to El Paso, TX and was gone the entire month of June! So the kids and I basically moved in with mom and dad for a month. He actually came home the week before revival, I don't remember which day but it may have been Thursday of Friday before our revival started on Sunday....crazy! Then he left I think the Monday after revival was over and didn't get back till mid-end of July. So I was basically husbandless a big portion of the summer. Thankfully I got to stay with mom and dad or it would have been TERRIBLE. Imagine single mother of 3 under 5....scary...
After he got back he got offered a chance to go get his Masters, one he couldn't refuse, so I am now married to a college man again. Woo hoo! haha So far I have dealt with it better than I did the first time around, but we'll see how long that lasts. It has already gotten old...but the out come will be good. If he hadn't taken it he would have been out of town for 4 more months this year and around 6 months out of next year! So atleast he gets to be home!
I guess in August...we went to Graceland. I've wanted to go FOREVER and we were going somewhere before Jason started school and got all tied down, so he suggested there and that's where we went. It was fun, we ate shopped, let the kids play in the pool and of course seen Graceland. Pretty good little trip and something  out of the norm...Smokies...I love the Smokies, but that is somewhere we have gone a LOT.
Analeigh turned 3 in's terrible how fast they grow up! She wanted a I would ask her what kind of toy she wanted and she would say I don't want a toy I just want a makeover! So funny! So she got to go to Spoiled Rockin' Kids Salon. I'll have to post picks of that when I get them one the computer! She is definitely a girly girl and I love it! I'm glad I got one out of these boys! haha
We got to go to the beach(meaning the kids and me and Aunt Peggy, Brett and Hilary. Jason had school.) at the end of September. It was gorgeous, the weather was great most of the trip. Unfortunately the jellyfish were terrible! The worst I had ever seen, but thankfully the water was clear so you could atleast see them. But it scared me enough to keep me and the kids out of the water a lot...Oh well maybe next year!
Hmm...other than that...Xander did start Preschool, which he loves! Next year....Kindergarten!! My baby is almost in Kindergarten! That is crazy! Funny though, he some how got the name messed up and said something one day about going to the graveyard, instead of Kindergarten. haha Very strange.Oh and he has his first lose tooth!! I could have cried over that! He shouldn't be losing teeth! haha  
Of course we now have Easton...ahh he's a mess, definitely my kid with the worst temper, but really good a lot of the time. He's coming up on a year..tear...seriously they should stay babies atleast 2! He's at a great age,I'm not ready for him to grow up!  
He's been trying to crawl/scooting/army crawling for a while. He is into EVERYTHING! He is the worst on that too...I've never had a problem with my kids getting into my Christmas tree, oh but it's coming! This child does not take no for an answer either....haha it's gonna be crazy! Already is....3 is insanity. lol I guess I really am crazy though, I still want more. Atleast 1, but not for a WHILE...I mean I want Easton to be 4 or 5 before we have another. Yes I am aware I may change my mind by then, which will be ok, but for now...still want more. haha
Well that's definitely not everything but that'll do. If you stuck it out kudos! Maybe it won't be so long next time and I can avoid writing a novel!! Till next time!

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  1. You sound like me! I love Graceland!!! People think I am crazy for wanting more babies too. I want a girl that's why I want another.. LOL Anyway love the makeover story! too cute!