Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well Monday my baby turned 5!! I unfortunately was sick( we had been touched by the virus fairy) so he didn't get to have as good a day as I would have hoped. We did get to go to Burger King yesterday after a trip to the dr followed by a trip to Publix! Woo hoo! Fun times for a 5 year old eh? Don't worry he will get to have some fun eventually, but this momma of 3 has not had this year very together and now there is so much going on, it may be January before he gets his That may really be true!
Anyay, time has flown by so fast! It's very crazy that I'll have a kid in kindergarten next year. He has grown up so much it's crazy! He has really come out of his shell, I would have expected him to be my quite child. Not so, he will talk to anyone! Adult or child it doesn't matter, if you sit by him at church he will probably talk to you. He did not get this from me, but he has plenty of genes from other sources! I'm glad he is He's a very good kid, hopefully he'll stay that way! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Xander! I LOVE YOU!
 My first baby


  1. Happy Birthday from Paw Paw Jim.
    By the way you guys are not the only ones enjoying this little virus of y'alls.The high ole time me and Easton James had drinking out of the same glass and straw over the weekend turned out not to be so fun after the last two days of stomach virus ha ha.Well we probably will be back at again in a few days.How can you say no to the grandkids ha ha.
    Love you Xander: Paw Paw

  2. Happy Birthday Xander!!

    Mason is the same way about talking to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen...actually, they don't have to sit still, he will talk to them while they move! LOL! He especially loves talking to adults!
    I'm going to guess that Xander gets his outgoing nature from both of his grandfathers...they are both quite outgoing :)