Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween

So this year was our first to Tate Farms, our first year to a pumpkin patch period. I really liked it, my kids had a blast of course. It will definitely be on my to do list for next year.

 We went twice, I had bought tickets off Living Social and didn't read the fine print which stated it was only good Mon-Fri and of course we went on a Sat. lol So I ended up going Halloween day, but that was ok other than I ended up being pretty rushed. They don't open till 2 so I went down there for a bit then got home got the kids ready for Trunk or Treat over by the park, which was nice. Definitely cut down trick or treating time. Then we went to Food Valu to see Jason's dad, Scottsboro to see his mom and then me and the kids made the long trek to Trenton to see mom and dad. It was a pretty packed day. Next year I think I will start at mom's and work my way back. I can't take this driving home at night. I was driving home from Trenton's singing the other night with Sis.Peggy and we were talking and even in conversation I was having a hard time staying awake!!
 The kids trick or Treating at Food Valu where Jason's dad works.
Xander-Dragon from How To Train Your Dragon
Analeigh-Girl Frog *Princess Frog* in her words

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